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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

happy nappies!

sometimes i walk around my house and think "still need to do that.. and that.. and that..!" but today i decided to look at the areas of our house that make me happy!

The nappy station! usually associated with bad times, and tramatic smells, i'm actually happy with the way this looks! the little one is also happy, she loves playing with the little crocheted sausage dog which was given to her by a friend.

The blue "P" was given to her by her aunt, and the little donkey cart i found in a church jumble sale, which i am lucky to still have because i also bought a cool banana tin that day and when i put it on the ground for a minute, it was gone! but the donkey cart was still there (obviously didn't take the persons fancy!)


Heather said...

i LOVE that donkey cart.
if it goes missing....
don't ask me!

Not Perfect But Nice said...

Very nice nappy changing station, it does help when changing nappies to have an inspiring environment!!! Show us more of your lovely home:)

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