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Friday, April 30, 2010

New supplies store on Etsy Ireland!


I have set up a new store and am (very) slowly photographing and listing all those supplies i have in stock!

I called it Little Lemon Tree supplies (although i did like your suggestions very much, i was swayed by Andrew, who is a man and i probably shouldn't have listed to him in this case, since my customers will be mostly female i imagine....)

click here to visit! oh, and excuse the banner, still trying to figure it out... feel free to enlighten me..!

library boxes

yesterday we when down to Buckleys auctioneers in Glasthule, if any of you know it.

Its fully of everything and anything you can imagine... you can pick up some great bargains if your smart and unafraid to bid! i find the whole thing quite exciting, its like a sport or something!

We picked up these handy little boxes, the are old library card files, which will need a bit of a job done on the inside, you remember they had those slits on the base (still can't figure out what they where all about.. anyone know? ), but they will hold my basic stationary and probably random junk that always ends up on my desk..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May fair!

Time for a little fair!

This Sunday from 12- 5:30 pm, if you find yourself in town do drop in!

It is above Sheebeen Chic, which is on Georges st in Dublin, which is quite a quirky little place, if you have never been to it, you should probably check it out, it's an experience...!

Hope to see you there! click here for directions

Sunday, April 25, 2010

new supplies shop

lemon birds in love print from Pictorialboom

Last week, i realised how many lovely materials i have that i have been hoarding for some time now, so long that i had forgotten that i had it!

Some of the stuff is silly to hold on to, cause i know that i will never use it, or even if i did, i would never use the amount of it that i actually have!! you should see it....

I'm considering opening a small supplies store, so that i can move about again in my studio, and i wont fell bad cause it will have gone to someone who will definitely use it.

the question now is, what shall i call the shop?

I have short listed a few names that i like:

Little lemon tree
Dandelion street

which of these is your favorite? At the minute, it could go either way!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


last week, i had Lucy over for work experience with me. It was a lot of fun, and we also managed to do a little work!

Amoung other things, we made up a number of these little pencil cases, which are lovely and thin, but which hold a surprising amount of pens and pencils. Ideal for your handbag actually!

Since Lucy helped to make the pattern for these ones, i have named them "Lucy" pencil case.

Thanks Lucy!

Monday, April 19, 2010


i am just loving this !! i am especially loving the teeny tiny bunting! i may have to make some of this....!!

oh and check it out, featured here on this cutie pie blog!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

act of God?

We recently booked ticket to go to Australia, and are very very excited, especially since it's not all that long to go now...

however, i got to admit, slightly concerned about the volcano... does anyone know if insurance would cover the cancellation of a flight due to this "act of God"?

We were dissuccing this over pancakes this morning and we couldn't agree... i think that my better half may be right.... insurance companies don't pay out for God's acts...

Anyone know either way????

oh and how about post? it normally would travel on the plane right?? any ideas?
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