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Saturday, January 31, 2009

new items!

i'm sorry this isn't much, i was struggling to take photos today, i will hopefully load up some more tomorrow.

for the minute, here are a couple.

I am making halterneck dresses for the summer and matching dolls dresses! these will start to be on sale on Monday.

due to popular demand...

here is the toadstool!

yes, it is lovely, and very tasty too, i can assure you. what is excellent about this one, is that it never finished, and is not poisonous at all!

so, what do you think?

Friday, January 30, 2009

today i made a mushroom

and it looks pretty good! it's a toadstool actually, i would have taken a photo, but it was so dark all day today!!

so it got me thinking, i reckon there would be demand for all sorts of different stufffed mushroom. Who doesn't want a stuffed mushroom, right? i'm thinking Porcini mushrooms, or Enoki, little thin ones that hang out in mushroom cliques. And world mushroom day is apparently October the 15th. well, it's something to work towards!

Now, about this guy. Any suggestions about what is going on here? He is certainly enjoying his plate of mushrooms!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Meet Emily.

I made her on Tuesday, and i kind of made her for my daughter, whom i modeled her after, and i kind of made her for me!

She will be working with me to model the new matching dolls dresses i will be listing soon for summer.
Emily at work.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free Art Day!

Yesterday in Dublin, it was Free Art day.

What was meant to happen was that artists were invited to leave pieces of art around the city with a free art sign on it, and just whoever found it could keep it! Pretty cool idea right?

So Andrew decided he would leave a couple of his photos around town, but then he had to work so i went in and did it. It was fun! I left one on Merrion Square, i wanted to leave it outside the National Art Gallery but the railings where too wide, so i left it outside a hotel. The other i left in Temple Bar, opposite the Print Gallery.

Both where "found" by people and they both got in touch with Andrew to say thank you! how fun!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

start out on a good foot

what makes a good foot then? well, i don't know, i'm imagining 5 toes, a heal and something in between.

but really, all i wanted to show you was how tidy my area is! Cause it's not going to stay that way for long...! Well, actually, it has lasted a few days already (i took these photos on Monday, proud of myself!)

These wine boxes where being given away at a local, so we have a few bashing around, some have bits cut out of them now, cause Andrew needed to use them for his photos...Anyway, i went down the the store again to see if there i could get a few more (they always have them), and the man behind the counter looked at me as if i had asked for a German speaking shrimp. He then told me they didn't have anything like that. And then i left, passing a tower of them as i did. Men. I'm sure he knew what i meant! I'm sure he never saw the tower! I didn't want to embarrass him (and i was asking for something for free) so i just left. And i'm stuck with the wholly ones. oh well, they still work! And i feel a whole lot more professional! now, to produce something... i'm exhausted!

but thankfully, i have this cute little sparrow to remind me that all is well in the small world of small birds! isn't he cute? He's french, ofcourse. My thoughtful sister gave him to me for christmas.

And look... my wonderful, sharp and shiny scissors... i have drooled over these long enough.. so i decided to start this year right.. with a pair of scissors that will last me a lifetime...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shiny new year!

Well, it has taken me a little longer than expected to get myself back in action again after christmas!

But finally i am, and the sun is shining. If you look out the window you can pretend it is summer outside, and actually warm. I do find the weather can get me down from time to time..!

Look at out bathmat! wouldn't it be cool if all our grass turned pink!

here are some of my new items listed today in my shop.

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