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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my lovely husband..

....once created a stand for my clothes which he handcrafted from driftwood he collected and made in secret. Here it is here. How lovely!

Unfortunately, it wasn't very easy to transport, and it has suffered a number of casualties.. all of which Andrew has been mending and remending.... it's actually become the bane of his life!

So when i drew a little picture of a new stand that i thought he might be able to help me with, i thought i was pushing my luck a bit. But he really is one of a kind, and he is making a lovely tree stand for me! look at his work in progress... ( photo taken by me from behind a window, where i stayed most of the time.... well, i had to keep Poppy at bay, you know..)

Andrew asked me not to get him in the photo, he will be especially happy when he sees the zoom in on his bum...!

more photos to follow, once it is finished (which it has to be finished by this Sun...!)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

this morning

by the sea.


Monday, September 28, 2009

October fair!

Redpossum will be attending the October fair in the Dublin Food Co-Op once again, on October the 4th.

At the moment i am putting together all the bits and bobs that will be on sale at this fair, and i have roped my husband into building me a new clothes stand, so i'm really hopeful that my stand is going to be stunning this time! (no more busy table cloths for no!)

Please drop by if you have time, and want to spend money that you probably don't have (you could pass it of as super super early christmas shopping and then you will be so organised, all your friends and family will be envious. Or worried)

The Crafty Market, Dublin Food Co-Op, Newtown Market Square, Dublin 8. 12-5 pm.

There is ample parking, so bring a carload of friends!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

new wool

i love love love this new wool. Gorgeous and soft Irish wool herringbone in a rich purple, it's tricky enough to find such a delight, even here!

And a lovely hot pink wool, sort of a soft tweed, also Irish. These are destined to be lovely capes for the winter and if you are in a mild country, winter too...!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

capes for autumn

This year, i am working on a variety of capes.

Here are a couple of shots, but i am working on the photos, soon they will be in the shop (hopefully!!!)

christmas 2009

i was just doing a little nothing, flicking through all the photos on the computor (which i think i have to delete some off, there are so many it's making the whole thing so so slow... this is a task i am putting off to another time....) when i came across this photo.

Last Christmas which we spend in France with my sister and her family. It's feels so long ago, and strange to already be thinking about a new christmas! Time flies, and i think you must notice how fast time goes when you have children, cause Poppy looks so different (Eric hasn't changed i'm sure, still crazy Uncle Eric!). Maybe when you have a kid or more, you are so busy doing the mundane and helping daily life proceed, that suddenly you look up and its another year gone!

This year Christmas will be an Irish one. Looking forward to it, but i will miss the frenchies a lot....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


it's been a while since i ventured into the treasury making realm, but i managed to catch one without too many heart palpitations (i find it a little stressful! also auctions stress me out. I'm not a shrinking violet, just not very fast off the mark usually...).

So made up this little beauty

all these items are made in Ireland

Monday, September 14, 2009

blackberry picking

On Saturday, we decided we should pack a picnic and head off to the hills for some blackberry picking, it was such a gorgeously sunny day!

However, it was a little early and the pickings where slim.. or so we thought..

there was everyone and his dog out picking the berries hidden down small foresty paths, who knew there would be such a demand for the lowly berry?? I thought we where just too early when i couldn' see many berries, but it would appear that they had been picked already by recession busting thinkers..

i did however manage to pick a handful..and then a little munchikin decided they where delicous, too good not to eat right away....

but how long can you really stay annoyed with a face like that??

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

a little pad inspiration

Last Monday we moved house. Whew. what a job! And even though we have been working tirelessly for a week, it is STILL in a mess!!!! They do say it is one of the three most stressful things you can do in your life, after marriage and bereavement (they aren't joking...)

However, i thought i would let you in on a sneak peak of my brand new studio, i am sharing it with Andrew but mostly i have it all to myself! I am trying to get Andrew to use it too though..

Don't you love the table?? it's brand spanking new, from Ikea, i LOVE it!!! and its clean white!

Things are still all over the house, and Poppys trike is in our bedroom, there is a box of food in the conservatory and bits and bobs everywhere...

as i was doing a little work in my studio today, i found that i had a cup of coffee on my new white table... needless to say, the thought crossed my mind that i should look after my new table... and so i grabbed what was closed to me to put under it...

Yes, yes that is exactly what it looks like...and no, i will not in future be storing these in my studio! but it did inspire me to make these!

one for me and one for Andrew!
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