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Sunday, September 20, 2009

christmas 2009

i was just doing a little nothing, flicking through all the photos on the computor (which i think i have to delete some off, there are so many it's making the whole thing so so slow... this is a task i am putting off to another time....) when i came across this photo.

Last Christmas which we spend in France with my sister and her family. It's feels so long ago, and strange to already be thinking about a new christmas! Time flies, and i think you must notice how fast time goes when you have children, cause Poppy looks so different (Eric hasn't changed i'm sure, still crazy Uncle Eric!). Maybe when you have a kid or more, you are so busy doing the mundane and helping daily life proceed, that suddenly you look up and its another year gone!

This year Christmas will be an Irish one. Looking forward to it, but i will miss the frenchies a lot....


Not Perfect But Nice said...

This is so funny!! Love little Poppies face!We will also miss you for Christmas. Shall we all get together in a big Swiss chalet in the mountains?!!! ;)

TanyaMac said...

quite possibly the cutest pic ever!!!!

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