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Monday, September 14, 2009

blackberry picking

On Saturday, we decided we should pack a picnic and head off to the hills for some blackberry picking, it was such a gorgeously sunny day!

However, it was a little early and the pickings where slim.. or so we thought..

there was everyone and his dog out picking the berries hidden down small foresty paths, who knew there would be such a demand for the lowly berry?? I thought we where just too early when i couldn' see many berries, but it would appear that they had been picked already by recession busting thinkers..

i did however manage to pick a handful..and then a little munchikin decided they where delicous, too good not to eat right away....

but how long can you really stay annoyed with a face like that??


Not Perfect But Nice said...

Oh SO cute! That's the cutest age take it all in and enjoy! It passes so quickly!
Now, you went blackberry picking in style didn't you? Purple blanket and purple dress on Poppy ; were you and Andrew also co-ordinated???? :)

Edana said...

So adorable. I'm partial to a bit of blackberry scoffing myself. Thanks for the thumblizer tip.

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