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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my lovely husband..

....once created a stand for my clothes which he handcrafted from driftwood he collected and made in secret. Here it is here. How lovely!

Unfortunately, it wasn't very easy to transport, and it has suffered a number of casualties.. all of which Andrew has been mending and remending.... it's actually become the bane of his life!

So when i drew a little picture of a new stand that i thought he might be able to help me with, i thought i was pushing my luck a bit. But he really is one of a kind, and he is making a lovely tree stand for me! look at his work in progress... ( photo taken by me from behind a window, where i stayed most of the time.... well, i had to keep Poppy at bay, you know..)

Andrew asked me not to get him in the photo, he will be especially happy when he sees the zoom in on his bum...!

more photos to follow, once it is finished (which it has to be finished by this Sun...!)


Not Perfect But Nice said...

This is really great! Congratulations to Andrew for his super cool craftmanship!!

Heather said...

at this very moment i am calling my husband over to the computer screen to see what a very excellent husband does in support of his wife's endeavors.

well done, andrew!

TanyaMac said...

I am sooo showing Ben this!!! Gorgeous tree - will you be bringing it on Sunday??? Can't wait! T xox :)*

Clodagh Molloy Jewellery said...

I wish my other half was good at making things. Looks great as well.

ms firefly said...

that is gorgeous, i'm excited to see it being used! congratulations to your husband!

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