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Saturday, December 20, 2008

da da!!!


well there is nothing like a deadline to make you finish off things!

here is the dresser that i had picked up a while ago, but i had never quite got around to it, but i finally did it it!

Acutally, it is very beautiful in real life, very slick and elegant (it almost doesn't fit in our house!)

And here are the short bread stars i made for each person who was invited to dinner that night. I'm quite happy about all of that...!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

christmas fair

Well, this weekend passed, i was a part of a christmas fair! it was my very first one for RedPossum, and i was so excited, though slightly unprepared!
it was a bit of a rush at the end to put things together, cause when i put all my exsititing item for sale together, it didn't look like much at all!

So i did a little amount of last minute sewing, and a little panicing too..!

but it all worked out in the end, here is our stall, with Heather, and Andrew's cards and pictures for sale, and my dresses on the right.

made me the clothes rail out of sticks he found and it was actually what he had been planning to make for me for christmas, but i asked him to make it for this fair after he had started it for me for christmas! it is really cool, but he was just about pulling out his hair the night before the fair as he was finishing it and the sticks kept splitting! and then the night before, as he went to put it in the car, it snapped, so he was really upset at it! Anyway, it was ok in the end, and it stood the test of many customers browsing!

i should have taken a few more photos from the other side of the rail, but i didn't. I sold a good few things and a lot of people took my cards, and seemed to really enjoy my products! i'm very happy about how it all went!

who's in the driving seat?

I went in to do my driver theory test, and not very long into the test, it dawned on me that perhaps my study material had been out of date.... by quite a lot! Oh my goodness, i knew some of the answers, but some of the questions had never gone through my mind before the moment i saw them on the screen in front of me! And since when do you have to know HOW the drive a car before you are supposed to have started your actual driving lessons??? there where a few questions like that.... so, it's fair to say i had a pretty good idea that i was on the knife's edge of whether i passed or not... so as i sat there having given it my best stab, i prayed that God would help me pass the test... and then i changed one of my answers, and left the room.

Well, as i put on my coat and went to the desk to sign out, i fully expected the lady behind it to wish me better luck next time. But as it turned out i passed by ONE question! It turns out the be the one i changed at the last moment! Thank God, hey?

phew, by the very skin of my teeth i passed!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crhistmas craft fair!

Oh my goodness... i thought i was so ahead of myself, having gotten almost all my presents in order, i was thinking " i am going to have a peaceful christmas and not run around like a turkey (get it?? ha ha)" but....

I forgot about the craft fair! and my driver theory test!!! oh silly silly me!!! Test is on Tuesday and the fair set up is on Thursday, and i am not nearly ready for either of them!!! what will i do!

Truth of the matter is, you always work harder when you know you have to do stuff, so i think it will all work out, but, if you have a moment, say a prayer for me (esp for the test actually...!)

So, anyway, if you are in Dublin this weekend coming, visit me!

It's at Comhltas Ceoltoiri Eireann, Belgrave Square, Monkstown From Fri 12th -14th, Fri and Sat 10am-5pm and Sun 10am-1pm. Check out

Please note: i am taking all my wares to to the fair, and so all my listings will become inactivated on Wednesday the 10th of December. If you are considering something in my shop, my advice is snap it up while you can, cause if it is sold at the fair, i wont be relisting it! Merry Christmas to all!

I'm sharing a stand with the lovely Heather McKay who is a wonderful person and a great artist! check her out!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

new chair?

remember the chair that was going to visit the upholsterers?

well, she is back!

and although she doesn't look all that different, she actually has a new cushion, piping, and most importantly, a base! i keep having to think "oh wait, i can sit on this now without falling right through!"

a job well done! Thanks Mr Upholsterer!

Monday, December 1, 2008


this weekend past, we left the big smoke and headed west to the Altantic coast of Ireland and stayed in Galway.
This is the real ireland! Sometimes when you are in the city, you can forget where you are, and while Dublin is a lovely city, it is just that, a city!

Galway is really cool, (yes, also very cold!) and i would love to go there again, even driving through there was all the old stone walls without cement divinding fields of sheep in higgledy-piggeldy lines and gorgeous, slightly scandinavian views, with very few trees and the winter sun low in the sky. You should definately visit!

Also, we went for High tea at The G, which is the most amazing hotel i have ever set foot in! and while we could never afford to stay there, to have tea and a tiny sandwich and breathe the air in The G, it was a real treat for me!

the photos just don't do the innovative design justice!!! Super luxurious!

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