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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

christmas fair

Well, this weekend passed, i was a part of a christmas fair! it was my very first one for RedPossum, and i was so excited, though slightly unprepared!
it was a bit of a rush at the end to put things together, cause when i put all my exsititing item for sale together, it didn't look like much at all!

So i did a little amount of last minute sewing, and a little panicing too..!

but it all worked out in the end, here is our stall, with Heather, and Andrew's cards and pictures for sale, and my dresses on the right.

made me the clothes rail out of sticks he found and it was actually what he had been planning to make for me for christmas, but i asked him to make it for this fair after he had started it for me for christmas! it is really cool, but he was just about pulling out his hair the night before the fair as he was finishing it and the sticks kept splitting! and then the night before, as he went to put it in the car, it snapped, so he was really upset at it! Anyway, it was ok in the end, and it stood the test of many customers browsing!

i should have taken a few more photos from the other side of the rail, but i didn't. I sold a good few things and a lot of people took my cards, and seemed to really enjoy my products! i'm very happy about how it all went!


karuski said...

I'm glad Christmas comes only once a year, lol;) I was also so busy with similar affairs last weekend, now dead tired. Hope to recover while in Paris, booked a trip over Christmas:)

Hope you'll get into nice Christmas feeling, too!


Heather said...

so happy to read a little bit about your experience at the fair. your items look adorable hanging there!
enjoy the upcoming bday amazing we'll be celebrating the same birthday across the world!

ingermaaike said...

Great fun these fairs but very tiring! Glad it all went well :-D

Not Perfect But Nice said...

this looks so proffessional!!! Great job Sarah and you should keep those teddies going!!! And aprons...............they were very popular over here!!!!! Just the right size you know :)

Not Perfect But Nice said...

We are also looking forward to having you over at Christmas!! Eric made Eve a Poppy Advent calender she crosse a number off everyday !!!! Bravo to Andrew for the rail and bless all those caring and handyman husbands :)

matchstickgirl said...

o red that is sooooo coool like a little art installation !!! the tiny dresses look adorable beyond belief ..

i would like that as a sculpture in a completely empty room
its so great !!!!!

kraplap said...

it looks splendid ! that rack is awesom

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