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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

who's in the driving seat?

I went in to do my driver theory test, and not very long into the test, it dawned on me that perhaps my study material had been out of date.... by quite a lot! Oh my goodness, i knew some of the answers, but some of the questions had never gone through my mind before the moment i saw them on the screen in front of me! And since when do you have to know HOW the drive a car before you are supposed to have started your actual driving lessons??? there where a few questions like that.... so, it's fair to say i had a pretty good idea that i was on the knife's edge of whether i passed or not... so as i sat there having given it my best stab, i prayed that God would help me pass the test... and then i changed one of my answers, and left the room.

Well, as i put on my coat and went to the desk to sign out, i fully expected the lady behind it to wish me better luck next time. But as it turned out i passed by ONE question! It turns out the be the one i changed at the last moment! Thank God, hey?

phew, by the very skin of my teeth i passed!

1 comment:

Not Perfect But Nice said...

God answers those frevent prayers hein, Congratulations and happy driving time to you !!!!! I do hope you'll be driving something a little more modern ;)

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