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Thursday, May 28, 2009

i'm so stylish..

Despite early morning hair, she still manages to strike a pose. I especially like the crossed over legs..

Do you like the top? i made this out of my scraps! poor thing, she only gets the crumbs! good crumbs though.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Blackrock Craft market!

Getting ready now for the next fair which is fast approaching! I can't believe that it is only a week away!!! oh dear, i better get my skates on,.. i feel a sewing frenzy coming on....!

Do visit me if you are in the area this weekend!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

a little wiggle

Having recently been inspired beyond my capabilities, i have come up with a project for me to aim for...

and here it is! A vintage style wiggle sheath dress!

What is a little tricky about it, is that i want to make this dress FROM SCRATCH.. ie, i want to make the pattern myself!

Yes, i borrowed this book from the library that is basically a text book that i immagine they use in college, about pattern designing, and although it looks a little tricky, i think there is probably nothing that is going to help me learn like chuckin me in the deep end...

i hope to have this dress finished in time for a wedding we are going to at the end of june... watch this space!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

feast or famine!

yes, i know, twice in one day! once could say i binge on blogging...

but i had to post again, cause i was awarded this

from Tanya Mac Thanks!!!

My first prize EVER in my life!

the deal is, i have to share 7 things that i love! and then i pass it on to people i think should have an award, and then they share 7 things... and so it goes on, till all the world has won a prize! yeah, everyones a winner!

1) i love my little family, my wonderful husband and lovely chunky little daughter!

2) i love the smell of mandarins when you first open them.

3) i love Autumn, going for walks on crisp cool sunny days.

4) i love going to the airport, even if i am not traveling (although, it is always better when i am!). I always think they have a good feeling about it, like you could go anywhere and the world is your oyster. i used to love looking at the flight departures board to find the most exotic location that i wanted to go to, but Dublin airport is small and you have to fly to London before you can go truely anywhere!

5) i love drinking coffee and nattering with friends!

6) i love making stuff! i always feel a sense of satisfaction when stuff works.

7) i love pesto.

and now i would like to award this prestigious prize to:

Not Perfect but Nice

Bebe and Alice

Pigeon pair

and Hoppo Boppo!


Crafty crafty..

Hi again! i feel i have to introduce myself all over again, with such little interaction from me recently, you could be forgiven for forgetting me!!

Well, i was at the Crafty fair at the Dublin Food Co-Op on the 3rd of May and it went great! I was very surprised that so many people where around, given that it was a bank holiday weekend here, but lots of people where out and it was indeed, very crafty!

I met so many lovely people, and saw some interesting outfits (that is how you know you are in an arty place... corsets and feather hats at 10 in the morning...)

Here are a few snaps. Yes, it looks a bit crazy, but i was proud of it. I think i would go with a slightly less chaotic tablecloth next time...

Emily seems happy on her perch though...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Crafty Market

is tomorrow!!

so sorry for completely abandoning this blog..! i have been trying to get all my stuff together for this fair, and the fashion show that was on Thursday (which incidentally went pretty well! but i can't put photos of it up on the blog, other peoples kids all all, you know what i mean..!)

If you would like to visit me tomorrow (yes please do!!), click here for directions of how to get there!! hopefully you wont get lost.. bring some friends too!
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