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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

feast or famine!

yes, i know, twice in one day! once could say i binge on blogging...

but i had to post again, cause i was awarded this

from Tanya Mac Thanks!!!

My first prize EVER in my life!

the deal is, i have to share 7 things that i love! and then i pass it on to people i think should have an award, and then they share 7 things... and so it goes on, till all the world has won a prize! yeah, everyones a winner!

1) i love my little family, my wonderful husband and lovely chunky little daughter!

2) i love the smell of mandarins when you first open them.

3) i love Autumn, going for walks on crisp cool sunny days.

4) i love going to the airport, even if i am not traveling (although, it is always better when i am!). I always think they have a good feeling about it, like you could go anywhere and the world is your oyster. i used to love looking at the flight departures board to find the most exotic location that i wanted to go to, but Dublin airport is small and you have to fly to London before you can go truely anywhere!

5) i love drinking coffee and nattering with friends!

6) i love making stuff! i always feel a sense of satisfaction when stuff works.

7) i love pesto.

and now i would like to award this prestigious prize to:

Not Perfect but Nice

Bebe and Alice

Pigeon pair

and Hoppo Boppo!


1 comment:

Not Perfect But Nice said...

thanks for the award Sarah!! Um how do I put the award on my blog?

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