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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Crafty Market

is tomorrow!!

so sorry for completely abandoning this blog..! i have been trying to get all my stuff together for this fair, and the fashion show that was on Thursday (which incidentally went pretty well! but i can't put photos of it up on the blog, other peoples kids all all, you know what i mean..!)

If you would like to visit me tomorrow (yes please do!!), click here for directions of how to get there!! hopefully you wont get lost.. bring some friends too!


Not Perfect But Nice said...

Whos that little possum? That photo of Poppy is just beautiful!! She's so cute. Such a shame we live so far........... I'm curious to know more about the fashion show! Tell us more!

Adeline said...

love her eyes :)

TanyaMac said...

So how did it go??? I'm dying to hear!

By the way, if you pop over to my blog you'll find an award waiting for you :)* ♥

marty and sharon said...

hi ya - just came across your blog from paulas at mabel & violet. how have i not found you sooner - this is heaven! i was getting broody recently anyhow but i so want an ickle poppy now! shes so gorgeous and i especially love all the little dresses! i love the flamingos on poppys top in this snap - my current obsession! looking forward to more browsing through your lovely blog...sharon x

Heather said...


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