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Friday, January 30, 2009

today i made a mushroom

and it looks pretty good! it's a toadstool actually, i would have taken a photo, but it was so dark all day today!!

so it got me thinking, i reckon there would be demand for all sorts of different stufffed mushroom. Who doesn't want a stuffed mushroom, right? i'm thinking Porcini mushrooms, or Enoki, little thin ones that hang out in mushroom cliques. And world mushroom day is apparently October the 15th. well, it's something to work towards!

Now, about this guy. Any suggestions about what is going on here? He is certainly enjoying his plate of mushrooms!


Not Perfect But Nice said...

Show us your toadstool! Show us your toadstool!!!!!! We all want to see it!!!!!!!
Being fluent in Russian the words written above the mushroom eater says
" Eat your mushrooms and say No to hard liquor; especially Vodka!"

Not Perfect But Nice said...

I like the new pink background by the way ;)

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