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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free Art Day!

Yesterday in Dublin, it was Free Art day.

What was meant to happen was that artists were invited to leave pieces of art around the city with a free art sign on it, and just whoever found it could keep it! Pretty cool idea right?

So Andrew decided he would leave a couple of his photos around town, but then he had to work so i went in and did it. It was fun! I left one on Merrion Square, i wanted to leave it outside the National Art Gallery but the railings where too wide, so i left it outside a hotel. The other i left in Temple Bar, opposite the Print Gallery.

Both where "found" by people and they both got in touch with Andrew to say thank you! how fun!


Heather said...

that is a very cool idea...

Not Perfect But Nice said...

wow that was a really great idea!!did you find any free art?

sarah said...

no free art for me unfortunately! i was looking very hard! but really, in the city you want to be following the artist around, because so many people pass by that the item wouldn't be there for very long!

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