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Sunday, April 18, 2010

act of God?

We recently booked ticket to go to Australia, and are very very excited, especially since it's not all that long to go now...

however, i got to admit, slightly concerned about the volcano... does anyone know if insurance would cover the cancellation of a flight due to this "act of God"?

We were dissuccing this over pancakes this morning and we couldn't agree... i think that my better half may be right.... insurance companies don't pay out for God's acts...

Anyone know either way????

oh and how about post? it normally would travel on the plane right?? any ideas?

1 comment:

TanyaMac said...

omg! i'd love a pancake right now.... anyway!

First of all i think everything will be A.OK for travel by mid may - crossing fingers! Myself and Ben got held up in Manchester airport overnight due to storms and got compensation. It took ages to come through...

I think the problem is if you are having a connecting flight and one flight is affected and the other isn't - you'd receive compensation for one but not the other.

I'm no expert though and I'm sure everything will be grand in time for your big trip to Oz! ;)

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