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Sunday, April 25, 2010

new supplies shop

lemon birds in love print from Pictorialboom

Last week, i realised how many lovely materials i have that i have been hoarding for some time now, so long that i had forgotten that i had it!

Some of the stuff is silly to hold on to, cause i know that i will never use it, or even if i did, i would never use the amount of it that i actually have!! you should see it....

I'm considering opening a small supplies store, so that i can move about again in my studio, and i wont fell bad cause it will have gone to someone who will definitely use it.

the question now is, what shall i call the shop?

I have short listed a few names that i like:

Little lemon tree
Dandelion street

which of these is your favorite? At the minute, it could go either way!


Not Perfect But Nice said...

I like dandelion street because dandelions are wild but good for you!. So what may be a "weed" in your studio is perhaps something that will be doing good to someone else!! Get It?

TanyaMac said...

Ah Sarah - thats a fine idea! I'd probably be your first customer!!

Can we have a Clover Street???

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