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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bunting hunting

I've just made some gorgeous patchwork bunting for your little girls room, or perhaps for tea parties involving copious amounts of tea and cream buns!

Each sting i have made is slightly different, and i have 3 colour schemes, pink, green for Paddy's day and blue (soon to come), because who says girls must have pink? and also, it could even be for a baby boys room it's going to look cool.

What do you think?

I am so behind on my photo taking its not funny, i have a paddys day dress and a lovely easter one waiting to be listed, and it is taking me AGES to get my act
together... !!

these are available in my shop


Heather said...

these are ADORABLE!

sarah said...

you are SOOOO fast! incredible! thank you!

Not Perfect But Nice said...

Gorgeous!! And the photo is so well styled!!! Bravo! Um I actually want that bunting!

LeelaBijou said...

Wow, very nice!

matchstickgirl said...

lovely !!!! nice work !!! get those photos up !!!! :)

kraplap said...

great bunting !!

Anonymous said...

Wow, they are so lovely!

fleurfatale said...

mmm, I like those buntings, so happy!

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