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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Last weekend was my friends wedding , the one who wanted some bunting made, and here is how it turned out!

This is it just hanging in our conservatory, but it was used to hang from the edges of the tables, cvered in white linen with yellow and white daffodils! it was so lovely and springy!

i have some of this fabric left over so i think i will make some for the store since it turned out so pretty!


Not Perfect But Nice said...

This looks so delightful! You are really gifted :)

All things nice... said...

Oh looks so pretty, I have a family wedding this weekend and the wedding flowers are tulips and daffodils. My mam and friends were doing the flowers for the church today but I missed out as I was at work. That bunting looks like a great idea and I like the rounded shape :) Thanks for sharing

All things nice...

marty and sharon said...

oh its just gorgeous in the the shape too. hope you didnt eat all the banane cake. in one go. s x

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