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Monday, November 29, 2010

little shiny tree

last year i began my campaign to convince my husband that a white tree would not only be lovely for a change but also very cool. It didn't work last year.

It won't work this year.

so, i have now begun my mission to convince him of this little beauty... i have been wasting a far amount of time just looking at this, and noticing new things about it.. it's so funny and sweet and shiny and tacky and funny (did i say that it is a bit of fun??)

can you not see every one standing around it, having a glass mug of eggnog (i have never had egg nog, the idea of it kind of repulses me, but i still think i would like it) ladled out from a punch bowl.

i found this last night on ebay, and i would have bid for it ( would have won apparently as no one else bid) but the P and P on it was going to be over 60 big ones!!!

you can see that what you hang on it is as important at the tree itself, this could be a long term investment..

anywyay for now, i will just put the first picture on our computor desktop background....

image no.1 courtsey of Martha Stewart No.2 Ebay


Not Perfect But Nice said...

Nice to see your back! I love that tree!! I want one!! I got you some more red mushrooms btw.

sarah said...

what do you mean?? real mushrooms? thanks for the comment btw

TanyaMac said...

hey missus - i love the white tree idea! I'm having the same trouble convincing Ben about coloured lights this year, we usually go for the little minimailst clear ones. I'm going to go loopy decorating this year now that Charlie is here!

P.S Pass on your address to me. I have a christmas card here for you! :D

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