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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Arghh! the sun! it burns my eyes!

oh my goodness, the sun does still exist!
Today was the second sunny day we have had here this summer (no, i am not exaggerating..) and what an amazing day it was!

We went down to Glendalough, and it was so beautiful, mostly i have only been there in the baltic freezing cold wind, with icy bums, eating a picnic, and trying to convince ourselves that yes, this is enjoyable.

But today was really something else. The lake was sparkling! i forgot that happens when the sun hits the water. We walked the path through the tall pine trees and said hi to people coming the other direction. i sat on a mossy old wall for a while, waiting for my husband to finish taking abstract photos of bark and stuff. And i saw my first mushroom and heather this season. I love autumn, especially in the sun.

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