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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

keeping up with the Jones's

Christmas has come early this year. No, i mean it really has! I was down in my village last weekend and i had to run into a shop because it had started to rain... and the whole place was decked out in a christmas wonderland. IT WAS ONLY SEPTEMBER!

well, i guess we all need something to look forward to! I've heard some people saying they have already done their christmas shopping!

As a result of all this madness, i feel i need to keep up with the jones's, and i will be have a FREEBEE GIVEAWAY! yes indeed. This time next week i will be posting an item up for grabs and a winner will be drawn soon after! Keep an eye on my blog and shop for more details to come...!


Anonymous said...

looking forward to the giveaway! You have really cute stuff in your shop!

sarah said...

thanks Irene! it's in the making...! soon, very soon!

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