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Monday, February 23, 2009

every shade of green

With Paddy's day just around the corner, i had a little "green browse" through etsy, and look at all the goodies i found!

St Patrick's day in Ireland is a slightly less classy event, mainly involving a lot of beer, really terrible but entertainingly bad parades, and the inevitable brawls.

Overall, quite a strange day!

from left to right 1)Green flower brooch from Calexandra 2)Shamrock headband from LouandLee 3)Lime green fondue from Electriclime 4) Green flower pouch from Mumola 5) Retro flower top from PrettyRacoon 6)Teal green kitten heels from Allencompanyinc 7) Honeycomb green glass dish from PeacockModern 8)Granny Smith green fondue from 5anddime 9)Emerald green fascinator headpiece from House of Telsa 10)Vintage olive green secretary dress from SirDukeRags 10)Bright green buttons from LillianOlive

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