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Friday, February 20, 2009


this week we welcomed in our first Irish niece and cousin!

To celebrate, Poppy and i made hugs and kisses (X's and O's!) shortbread biscuits to welcome her!

Poppy mostly sat there and looked suspicious of the dough.


Heather said...

that is a great photo collage!
your daughter is named Poppy?
That is it b/c your sister has a flower name as well?

Not Perfect But Nice said...

This is so beautiful! Just wait till Poppy discovers how yummy raw doe is !!! You won't be able to stop her!!!! A great idea with the xxxx and ooooo Before valentines day i explained this very anglo-saxon abbreviation for hugs and kisses to my French/English club they all thought that the crosses meant they did something wrong and the crosses meant they were zeros' funny how things can be misunderstood from one culture to another!! When will you do cooking posts with step by step photos!!! You're so good at it!!!:) Please share some of your great recipes!!!!!

sarah said...

No, not really Heather, but i guess flower names are a bit of a family thing! We just loved the name, and the day after we bought her home from the hospital there were Poppies in our garden, that we never had before! that was after we named her.

that is so funny, lost in translation hey! I often think the X is like the japanese cartoons how the mouths are just and X (like Miffy the bunny) and the Hug is like the arms going around someone!

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