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Friday, August 28, 2009


Last week we had a little holiday down in West Cork.

A few new experiences, mostly for Poppy, her first time in a boat, and by the looks of it, not very happy at all with the life jacket! she was so stiff in it, like a sea burrito! Good though, had she had a dip in the sea, she would have just bobbed around, with that foam collar looking like Queen Elisabeth.

Given that it was, as you would expect, an Irish summer (ie: read, not summer at all, maybe a rainy spring would be more accurate), Poppy built sand penguins fully clothed in velor trakie dacks.. actually, that was her second change of the day, the first was when Nanna took her "rock-pooling"... needless to say she got a lot closer to the crabs that we expected.

but it was good to get away from the big smoke for a little while!


atelier de beaumont said...

You look like a movie star! Poppy must have really liked getting her toes in the sand!!

Heather said...

Sarah, you are absolutely adorable...and Poppy!

TanyaMac said...

that pic of Poppy in the life vest cracks me up - shes so soo cute n' grumpy!

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