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Sunday, August 2, 2009

foresty dress

This little pinafore is prototype no.2~ it features elasticated cuffs on the sleeves, which i didn't want to do, i like the hand sewn bias binding look, but i have to admit, elastic is much better for little soft mudgy arms. Also, it seems to give a much more puffy sleeve. What do you think?


Not Perfect But Nice said...

great dress love the puffy sleeves its true they are cute little arms!!!!!!!:)

Cindy said...

The dress is so sweet, I love the fabric. Thanks for visiting - I think all the Poppy's are extra special

Jagienka said...

Love the dress and even more the panties ;o) Makes me wanna have a little girl of my own to dress in such a fancy clothes.

As for the U2 gig, I went to see them on Friday - it was a blast (except for the support bands)

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