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Monday, October 26, 2009

Handmade Christmas

I'm thinking about having a handmade Christmas this year.

Given that money is a little tight and that i have plenty of time, it has all the markings of a special handmade Christmas :0) It's so lovely to receive a handmade gift that has taken someone time to think about and make!

With this in mind, i should get busy now! I've a few ideas... but i am keeping my cards close to my chest...!

And to encourage other people to have a handmade Christmas, i have a sale on my Emily dolly patterns, so that you too can take pride and make something special for a special little someone you might know!

For this week only! Emily dolly pattern available here


Not Perfect But Nice said...

This looks interesting!!! Is that a dress pattern for Emily?
Great idea Sarah although handmade doesn't always rime with cheaper but definately rimes with very special!! I think I'll be joining you :)

sarah said...

yeah that is true! but that does depend on what the store bought alternatives where...!

Joy McD said...

Hey Sarah! Christie just gave me your blog address :) I'm in on the handmade Christmas.... making Christmas baskets at the moment, very cute and quick.
Your daughter looks like a real sweetie!
Hope all is well,

sarah said...

Oh wow Joy, Not perfect but nice is Cilla! How are you!!i'm off to check your blog too!!

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