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Monday, October 5, 2009

Phoenix park

Today was a truly glorious autumn day, sunny and warm, all golden and yellow!

So we went off for a day trip to Phoenix Park, which for those who don't like in Dublin, is Europe's largest walled park in a city, 15 acres. It has deer living in it! and it really is in the city center! It's just lovely!

We took the opportunity to take a few shots of the capes which i will go on sale in my shop tomorrow...

It also has the zoo in it, and we where very excited to bring Poppy to see the tigers and lions and cows (yes, i know, not quite the same genre...but these are the animals she knows). She now knows a lot more!


Not Perfect But Nice said...

Oh these are just so lovely photos of Poppy and the capes.Bravo!

Cuada Design said...

Really love your new capes, such a cutie modelling too!

marty and sharon said...

oh i need a little girl so badly to dress up i these gorgeous capes! maybe you make them for grown up girls like me?!! sharon

Emily said...

I LOVE these capes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really so lovely!

ms firefly said...

she's a cutie, and your capes are lovely as well!

i like the phoenix park too, my husband and i cycled there when i was just here in Dublin.

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