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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Calling all quilters...

Recently i dabbled in a spot of quilting. I'm not normally a quilter, but i am a scrooge.. and i did have a lot of small scraps of lovely fabric, too small to do anything with but make a quilt (or two or three..!!)

so i made this, my first attempt! Definately a test of endurance, but in some ways relaxing, cause while you don't have to think too much, the time involved in making a quilt gives you time to think about other things in life. Kind of like therapy!

now, as i said this was my first quilt, and i decided to do it right by putting in cotton batting.. but i think it is pretty thin. I went to two different shops when buying it, and i asked them if it was too thin, but they both thought this was the normal thickness for a quilt... what do you think??? i'l love to hear!


Vespa-Solexiste said...

This lookes great and I think is quite usefull in cold winterevenings....
nice fabric, looks well done !
And it is true, handwork like this gives room for thinking and quiteness - very rare to find these days. So do some more till everything is thought trough !

Sorry for bad english - but at least you can see that your blog is read worldwide !

sarah said...

Thanks for your comment Vespa! love the avatar!

Cindy said...

Yes quitls are always quite thin. You can get thicker batting/wadding but it really depends on the fibers. The trick is to was it and put it in the dryer and then it will puff up a little and you will see the stitching detial a bit better too

patchworkdelights said...

Hi Sarah, Fiona here from patchworkdelights. I agree with Cindy quilts can be pretty "thin" depends on the wadding you use. I usually use 2oz easier to quilt through, 'cause the thicker the wadding the more difficult it is to quilt it afterwards.

Your quilt is very cute, very well done!!!

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