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Monday, November 16, 2009

A day in Galway

This past weekend, i was whisked away by my husband to the enchanting city of Galway, on the west coast of Ireland.

What a lovely lovely surprise!

Here are some of the highlights of our short, but lovely stay!


Not Perfect But Nice said...

Wow you're a lucky girl! Looks so beautiful;;;;;;;;;;

endofera said...

Hey there....I just came across your blog today...I love your style. I spent a weekend in Galway during the Volvo Sailing race with my wife. Spent most of our time drinking Guinness in Neachtains pub admiring the Arts Festival posters and people watching. Galway is the place to go to escape....must return again soon!!

Rely said...

I love galway....a really nice place! Ireland is beautiful!!!

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