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Saturday, December 12, 2009

from small scraps of felt grow...

.....holly and mistletoe garlands!

Here is a quick and lovely itea for you, if, like me, you keep every little scrap of any thing!

These are so cute, and i had lots of fun making these up! i think people will enjoy recieving them as they are not your average christmas card!

Also, these take no time at all to whip up, so if your attention span for crafty things is short, this is ideal for you..

All you need is:

Any old scraps of felt, in any colours.
A sewing machine threaded with any colour thread.
Small "unusable" short scraps of ribbon.
scraps of card (there may be some in your recycling bin! just make sure it is clean..:-P)
A hole puncher

OPtional: if you have one of those toys for putting in snaps, you can also use it to put those little hole brads in. Not necessary at all though/

All you do is cut your holly or mistletoe and berry shapes.

Sew them together by feeding them under foot as you approach the end on the piece before.

Punch a little hole in the end, and if you have that tool, use it now.

cut card into ideal size for envelope.

punch a hole, you can also add those hole reinforcers if you have them.

tie the card and the garland together with the scrap of ribbon.

And Voila! All done!


All things nice... said...

Those are really pretty, thanks for sharing them with us.

All things nice...

Not Perfect But Nice said...

these are excellent what a great idea!

marty and sharon said...

they are great, well done.

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