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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

nuts anyone?

here are my nutcracker soldiers, waiting patiently for christmas.

Or perhaps not so patientely. they look a bit annoyed, or maybe even bewildered!
don't worry guys, you wont have to guard the fine crockery much longer, i know it is a great responsiblity!

TOday i was going to go into Dublin, to see Andrew at work and absorb some of the Christmas atmosphere, but unfortunately little miss is pretty sick, and i think it would be unfair to her and not much fun for me! so, maybe tomorrow.

It's a beautiful morning here though, blue skies and a lot of frost on the ground... come on Ireland, do what you do best, rain! it would snow now if it rained... fingers crossed..

hoping all of your christmas preparations a going well and wishing you all a white christmas!

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