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Monday, January 4, 2010

a new year, and some new finds!

The sun is shining and it feels like a brand new clean year!

I've just been down to the charity shop to snatch the first bargains of the year and here is what i came back with.

A treasure chest, for all those "X marks the spot" games, i'm imagining pirate parties with a bit of authenticty about them.. pity that someone wrote 3 euro on the front....!

A vintage set of linen damask tea-towels in their orginal box! they are still folded, never having been used! i'm not sure if these are for the kitchen or the bathroom as hand towels, what do you think?

Actually this photo is of a gift we recieved from some kind friends, these are hand crafted ceramic discs, which i am not sure where to put or how to hang, where would you put them, and how would you hang them? do drop a note with some suggestions!

(these are accompanied by some rosewater madelenes that i made, which my husband aptly re-named cuttlefish biscuits... mmm, they sound so appealing when you put it like that!)

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