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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

would you rather...

Recently, a friend of mind asked me to make some scalloped bunting to use as decorations at their wedding, they are have daffodils and so their colours are yellow, apple green and teal.

I put together some suggested fabric combination's, but what i want to know is, which combo do you think is best?

what would you rather?

Tweed notebook

Islander spring

Picnic party

or Granny's kitchen?

what would you rather??
(now that i have gone to all that effort, they all look a bit the same!! lol..)


sue said...

I like either of the bottom 2 for the theme you are going for. I dont really think the 2nd one matches it but they all rather nice. Have fun deciding!

Katie said...

Oooh, tough, but I like 'Picnic Party'

Ruth said...

All so pretty but I especially like "Tweed" :)

Not Perfect But Nice said...

i like all of them really BUT with the daffodil theme either of the two last ones are the best paricularily the second last one!! Happy sewing!!!!

Anonymous said...

They're all great but my favourite is 'Picnic Party', it oozes happiness. I love the new blog header too!

marty and sharon said...

oh totally grannys kitchen - maybe because thats more my stylre though! they really are all lovely but i think that has the most vintage, romantic feel. cant wait to see the finished bunting. total fabric envy by the way!

Carol said...

What a nice idea. I like picnic party the best!!

sarah said...

thanks all for your comments! She chose the second one, Islander spring! i will show you it when it it made, first i have to buy the fabric!

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