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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

personal art gallery

When we went to Galway last year, we saw this really lovely poster, it was a reproduction print of a picture from 1975. We just loved it, and bought it for our little one.

When we go it home, we realised just how big it was.... its about a meter and a bit high and nearly that in width! To frame it was going to cost a bomb!

But thankfully i married Mr Handyman, willing to dabble in all sorts, who now has a thing for framing, so this worked out nicely...and as you can see, not too shabby a job on the framing, what do you think?

Interestingly, this very large picture seems to have made our daughters tiny box room seem bigger... i think it is because your eye are drawn up to look at how big the wall is..what do you think? any designers out there who know this trick already??


Cindy said...

Gorgeous print, it looks so amazing above her bed and congrats to the Mr on the frame making - I am impressed

Katie said...

The print is beautiful and what a great framing job!

TanyaMac said...

I love it!!!! ;)

sweet emmelie said...

love it, love all the colours and really love how big it is! good job hubby!

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