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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sewing help is at hand!

I have been busy studying and trying to teach myself basic patten drafting from this excellent and much raved about book, called "Metric Pattern cutting for childrens wear and baby wear" by Winifred Aldrich.

I will admit, i need silence, a calculator and a brain that works (all of which are in short supply here) and i repeat each sentence i have read atleast 3 times before i make a mark on my paper... it is a slow process!

Even slower when there is something fundamentally wrong with what i am doing! I cannot figure out for the life of me what i am doing wrong!

I keep producing these wide, broadbacked patterns for little children! something is very wrong here...

i have however come across this really interesting and helpful forum called (surprisingly) The Sewing Forum , and i am hoping for someone to help me out with my litle issue....!!!

If you have any useful info on this topic, i would be so happy to hear what you have to say!!


Not Perfect But Nice said...

Don't and i repeat don't give up Sarah!!!!!

You are so gifted with this, styling, colour combinationing etc. It would really be a shame and a loss to all those mums and girls who could be enjoying your work and style if you would give up!!
I'm sure there' an answer just around the corner! I just wished we lived closer although Ireland is still closer than Australia!!

BundlesofBlossoms said...

More power to you. I am envious:)

Cuada Design said...

I have the same book with more than a few years and still haven't managed to put it to use - although the adult book is well read.which basic block are you working on?

sarah said...

hey thanks every one! Cuada, i think i found my problem, it is the ease! do you think it is ok to get rid of some of the ease??? i tried to write on your blog, and it doesn't seem to have regisered??

Cuada Design said...

Hi Sarah - I hadn't realised I had comment moderation on - but switched it off now so that should fix it! It should be fine to lose some of the ease - you really don't need too much or, depending on the fabric, it turns into gathers!:) Chris

Not Perfect But Nice said...

Hi sarah yoiu've been tagged! Have a look at my blog!!

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