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Monday, July 6, 2009

Crafty crafty..

Just back from the crafty market this weekend, and it was good fun!

What was really nice was to see my friend, Tanya Mac, show up to have a stall! that was a great suprise, and made the day pass by so much faster!

Here is a shot of her stall, though this isn't the woman in question, but a shopper buying her lovely wares. Tanya, where are the shots of you posing at your stall???!!

Also, this gorgeous piece of art, which i LOVE this piece, which is going up for auction on Friday 17th July in the Bernard Shaw, Dublin. In aide of Battling Autism , so if you want to have this beauty hanging on your wall, wander on down this friday!


Not Perfect But Nice said...

love that painting!

TanyaMac said...

ahhhaaaa! havin' a dig miss Sarah are we??? the battery ran out - thats my excuse and I'm stickin' to it. We'll do plenty of posing on saturday to make up for it!!! :P*

p.s thanx for bigging up my art!

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