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Friday, July 10, 2009

helloooo! anyone home??


Not Perfect But Nice said...

she's so sweet and classy with those gold sneakers!

Adam said...

Maybe she is looking to see if her favorite jumper is in there?!

TanyaMac said...

ah the little one gets more adorable by the day!!! Does her mummy run a launderette in her free time too :P

You know I'm sooo uninformed when it comes to designer fabrics so I can't really give an accurate answer for your poll. I'd know an Amy butler/Cath Kidston but not the rest. I do love the gorgeous fabrics you use, so colourful and vibrant. I think you've a great eye for design so an online fabric shop might be a good move for you!

Emily said...

Sarah! Thank you for all of your lovely comments on Design Undercover! So so nice of you. I am so glad you found us, so that we could see YOUR things. I LOVE and ADORE your creations!!! How fantastic they are. I cannot wait to see your next collection in your Etsy shop. Keep us posted at DU!


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