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Monday, July 20, 2009

make your own ironing board cover!

Recently, i had noticed how hard i was working our ironing board..

it looked sad, run down, and burnt out!

So i thought to myself " how hard can it be to make an ironing board cover???

It was sooooo simple!

All you need is:

a piece of 100% COTTON fabric, the size of your board and a bit more. Make sure it is something you can live with, cause you will be seeing it a lot...

some store bought bias binding, any colour will do.

and a sewing machine.

And all you do is:

Take off the existing cover, and lay it flat on the new fabric you are using, having pulled out the string. Save the string!

cut out the shape, and the sew the bias binding around the edge, folded over. Don't forget to leave a gap for the string!

Thread the string through the bias binding, and put this over the old batting, over your board. Pull the string as tight as you can and tie.

Done!!! wow, it feels like a new board!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great idea! I love customising things around the house. I've only done a few things but feel very satisfied after having completed them.

Tell me where do you get your fabrics from? I'm finding it hard to get nice fabrics anywhere in Dublin?

sarah said...

this particular bit came from the charity store, but it was a brand new piece of vintage Laura Ashley, which i was very happy with!

As for other fabrics, i order online unfortunately... but keep checking here for some updates on fabric possibilities...

thanks for your comments!

Not Perfect But Nice said...

love that fabric and its a great tutorial the local etsy group looks like fun too!

TanyaMac said...

you are a clever minx!!!!

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