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Monday, July 6, 2009

purple day

today i had a little extra time, and enough motivation to make (and eat) a carrot cake... it was most definitely worth it!

I also had to make a little outfit for Poppy, as tomorrow we will be attending her great-granddad's funeral. It is a bit sad for the family, someone who has always been around is now gone. But then again, he had a long life and a full one which is the best kind right?

Difficult to know what to wear to a funeral, i think black is very serious, and if you believe in life after death, it is not as scary. I didn't want to put Poppy in black, so i thought purple was a good choice, respectful and pretty.


Not Perfect But Nice said...

All our love to the family. Lovely dress and yummy cake!!!!!

Heather said...

good choice.
so sorry about the great grand.
we will be attending a funeral next week we suspect.
my grandmother alice.
thanks for the reminder that
it is a celebration of her life and the truth and joy of her finally being face to face with her Maker.

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